CAERUS grants 20 million euros as a Senior Loan for a Dutch real estate portfolio

The CAERUS Debt Investments AG (CAERUS) has granted a Senior Loan of 20 million euros for a diversified portfolio of 15 properties in the Netherlands for one of its funds managed for institutional investors.

The portfolio primarily consists of residential units and is complemented by selected retail spaces in prime locations on the main shopping streets. With a total rental area of around 11,200 square meters, it accommodates over 160 tenants and is almost fully leased.

Peter Anthuber, CIO of CAERUS, comments: "In a challenging environment, the borrower has succeeded in developing this portfolio in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner by converting office spaces into residential units and implementing an energy-efficient refurbishment concept. The borrower has contractually committed to achieving a minimum energy efficiency class for all properties in the portfolio. The consistent implementation of the borrower's ESG strategy and the performance enhancement of the portfolio convinced us to support this initiative."

This financing underscores CAERUS's ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable and innovative investments to contribute to a healthier and more resilient real estate landscape.

Noerr and Van Waegeningh Advocaten provided legal advice to CAERUS.

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