Pioneer in Real Estate Debt Investments for Investors and Borrowers

Real Estate Debt is an asset class that offers institutional investors attractive return opportunities with moderate risk. However, success in this field requires thorough knowledge of an increasingly complex and regulated market environment. With our extensive experience, reliability, and excellent market connections, we are the ideal partner for both investors and borrowers.

Track Record

Our Strength: Realized Debt Funds

Learn more about our expertise, commitment, strategic positions, and our ability to achieve sustainable results.

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    CAERUS currently advises eight funds under Luxembourg law. The financial resources of these funds are scaled exclusively through institutional investors on the CAERUS platform. By consolidating these resources, CAERUS efficiently, expertly, and professionally manages and oversees all process steps involved in a debt investment, from sourcing to loan repayment. This approach allows for the structuring of large-volume loans.

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    Fonds resp. Mandates

    CAERUS partners with both national and international institutional investors. For these investors, we offer either traditional multi-investor funds or customized investment solutions (individual mandates). To date, we have secured equity commitments totaling €2.6 billion, making CAERUS one of the largest independent debt fund managers in continental Europe.

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    To date, we have provided over 56 real estate financings with a total volume of approximately EUR 2.7 billion, covering the entire risk spectrum from senior loans to mezzanine financing, as well as the financing of project developments. About one-third of the total loans granted are still outstanding, while the rest have already been fully repaid. Our expertise in financing real estate makes us a trusted partner for institutional investors.

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    As pioneers in the real estate debt market in Germany, we have set new standards. Not only have we forged new paths with determination, creativity, and perseverance to establish the private real estate debt asset class, but we have also achieved attractive returns for our fund investors in a challenging market environment.


    Your Experts

    Our team has many years of transaction experience in real estate financing, a high level of market knowledge, and an excellent network in the real estate industry.

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