Flexibility and Expertise at every Step of Your Real Estate Financing

At CAERUS, we understand that every real estate project has its own specific requirements. Our approach is to support you with tailored and flexible financing solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs and challenges of your business. We offer a wide range of financing options, ranging from Senior Loans to Whole Loans and Mezzanine & Bridge solutions. Our expertise covers various property types such as residential, office, retail, hotel, logistics, and light industrial, as well as financing for project developments and special situations.

Through our collaboration with our extensive network, we provide you not only with financial resources but also with a strategic perspective that advances your project. Our goal is to support you with the optimal solution, whether you are financing existing properties, renovating, or starting new development projects. With CAERUS by your side, you have a partner distinguished by market knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence. We understand the dynamics of real estate markets and continuously adjust our strategies to provide you with the best support.


Alternative Financing Partner

Debt funds bridge the financing gaps created by the increasing reticence of banks.

Flexible Financing Solutions

Customized financing structures tailored to your project requirements and market dynamics. One-stop-shop for Senior Debt, Whole Loan, or Mezzanine. Higher advance rates than banks, with up to 90% LTC and 85% LTV.

High Transaction Security and Speed

Efficient processing of your financing requests with clear communication and high transaction security and speed.

Comprehensive Project Support

From initial analysis to final loan drawdown comprehensive support by our experienced team.

Market Knowledge and Expertise

Leverage our in-depth market knowledge and experience across various real estate segments.

Long-Term Partnership

We accompany and support your projects throughout the entire credit cycle, even in challenging times.

Geographic Focus on Continental Europe

Special expertise and focused support for projects in the DACH region and the Benelux countries.


How We Work

Sourcing & Screening

  • Operational and financial analysis of the project and sponsors
  • Evaluation of suitability for existing mandates (size, sector, location)
  • Return assessment
  • ESG Pre-Check

Term Sheet

  • Detailed analysis of projected cash flows
  • Stress tests
  • Sensitivity and collateral analysis
  • Structuring of the offer
  • ESG Incentives

Due Diligence

  • Property analysis
  • Cash-Flow and sensitivity analysis
  • Economic analysis of tenants and borrowers
  • Technical, legal, tax, and ESG due diligence
  • Agreement on terms


  • Implementation of agreements (loan agreement, collateral)
  • Fulfillment of suspensive conditions
  • Loan disbursement
  • Binding ESG targets

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Debt Yield, ICR, DSCR, valuation, ESG incl. PAI Reporting
  • Monitoring of cash flows and covenants
  • Proactive communication and quarterly reporting
  • Reporting in accordance with SCR determination requirements (TPT and EET reports)

CAERUS Lending Profile Core Criteria

Parameters for Lending

  • Regions Continental Europe including Scandinavia with a focus on DACH and BENELUX
  • Asset Classes Residential, logistics, office, hotel, light-industrial, micro-living (including student housing), retail (focusing on local supply), life science, mixed use, parking lots, neighborhoods, and data centers
  • Loan Type Senior, Whole Loan, Junior, Mezzanine, Bridge
  • Use of Funds Acquisition and investment financings, refinancing, project development, special situations
  • LTV Up to 85% LTV or up to 90% LTC, special situations representable
  • Volume From EUR 20 million
  • Term From 2 years
  • Collateral Standard collateral package

Services for Borrowers

Strategic Financings at Every Stage of Real Estate Investment

Senior Loan

The classic first-lien debt tranche, which we can offer with a higher LTV (loan-to-value) than banks. Our Senior Loans not only provide attractive conditions but also a swift execution and individual structuring. This ensures that your financing proceeds smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to fully focus on your project.

Whole Loan

First-lien secured loan with a LTV up to 75% from a single source. This type of loan allows the borrower to simultaneously benefit from the advantages of first-lien financing and the more flexible configuration of a subordinated loan. It simplifies the financing process and reduces the usual complexity associated with coordinating multiple lenders, while providing a higher LTV compared to the Senior Loan.

Junior Loan

A subordinated debt tranche that complements the first-lien loan. It allows the lender to offer LTVs that are outside the parameters of a Senior Loan but overall still within a moderate leverage range (65 – 75%).

Mezzanine & Bridge

Mezzanine and bridge financings provide a flexible and customized solution for interim financing or for projects that require an additional capital tranche at a higher leverage than available in a Junior Loan. These products effectively bridge the gap between equity and debt. Ideal for borrowers looking for short- to medium-term financing with tailored repayment structures that are considerate of equity requirements.

Asset Classes

Flexible and Versatile

With us, you will find investment opportunities in all relevant asset classes from residential to office and logistics

  • caerus_debt_investments_assetklasse_buero.jpg


    For office properties, we focus on financing modern and flexible workspaces in central locations in A and B cities. Our strategy is aimed at financing properties that meet the new working environments and the associated requirements for sustainability and technology.

  • caerus_debt_investments_assetklasse_retail.jpg


    Our retail strategy focuses on financing retail space that is characterized by strong accessibility and high footfall or high local supply significance. We finance properties that remain attractive to tenants and customers in the long term due to their location and product range.

  • caerus_debt_investments_assetklasse_hotel.jpg


    The hotel asset class comprises the financing of hotel properties with strong operator concepts and locations in highly frequented tourist or business travel destinations

  • caerus_debt_investments_assetklasse_logistik.jpg


    In the dynamic logistics asset class, we focus on identifying and financing properties with strategic locations and long-term growth potential.

  • caerus_debt_investments_assetklasse_wohnen.jpg

    Residential living

    In the residential segment, we focus on financing residential real estate in fast-growing and demographically attractive regions. Our focus is on creating added value through targeted financing of investments in sustainable and future-proof residential concepts.

  • caerus_debt_investments_track_record_darlehen.jpg

    Other (student housing, light industrial, life science, etc.)

    We also finance real estate in the areas of student housing, light industrial and life science.

  • caerus_debt_investments_track_record_fonds_mandate.jpg

    Your asset class was not listed?

    We will be happy to advise you.


    Your Experts

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    Our team has many years of transaction experience in real estate financing, a high level of market knowledge, and an excellent network in the real estate industry. 

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      Your Experts

      Our team has many years of transaction experience in real estate financing, a high level of market knowledge, and an excellent network in the real estate industry.

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