In Person

Our team combines many years of experience with an extensive, international network. We specialize in developing customized real estate financing solutions across various property segments and risk classes. Get to know the faces behind CAERUS and learn more about the strong pillars of CAERUS expertise here

Management Board

Michael Morgenroth

Executive Board - CEO

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Peter Anthuber

Executive Board - CIO

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Bernhard Berg

Executive Board - COO

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Matthias Thomas

Business Development & Client Relationships

Marc Dahmen

Investment Manager

Ralf Verwiebe

Investment Manager

Urs Schneider

Investment Associate

Rafael Breising

Investment Associate

Iris Secker

Portfolio Managerin

Patrizia Tenbensel

Portfolio Management Associate

Birgit Methner

Managerin Fund Operations

Paulo Suarez

Manager Fund Operations

Monika Abetiou


Supervisory Board

Frank Dupuis

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Martin Lepper

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Christof Reichmuth

Board of Directors

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About us

CAERUS: Your Reliable Partner for Real Estate Debt

Our team has many years of experience combined with an extensive nationals and international network. This enables us to provide institutional investors with attractive and innovative real estate debt products, individually tailored to their needs. Our strength lies in developing customized real estate financing solutions across nearly all sectors and the entire risk return spectrum. We have established ourselves as the reliable link between institutional investors and borrowers – risk-conscious, seeking risk-adjused returns and in line with ESG and regulatory standards.

About us



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Our mission is to create genuine value through tailored financing solutions, both for our partners and society. If you are ready to be at the top of the industry and take your career to the next level, then you are in the right place with us.

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Your Experts

Our team has many years of transaction experience in real estate financing, a high level of market knowledge, and an excellent network in the real estate industry.

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